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Monday, December 26, 2011





Christmas always goes faster than you think. Before you know it it's here and within the blink of an eye it's over again. So before it's too late and I'm already off to my last family dinner, I just wanted to wish my readers a merry little christmas. Have a good one lovelies!

Friday, November 4, 2011

american apparel warehouse sale tutorial



Here's the deal; in my opinion, American Apparel has some pretty awesome stuff, for, unfortunately a lot less awesome prices. So when I heard the American Apparel warehouse sale was coming to Amsterdam, with supposedly amazing discounts, I got kind of excited.
I went there this morning and I know you guys are probably hearing a lot of different stories right now about how much it sucked, so I thought my experience might be useful for those of you that still want to visit an american apparel rummage sale somewhere sometime.
First of all, don't expect anything too rediculous. Nothing is €1 and nothing is 90% off, I got a 50 to 60% discount on all the stuff I bought and I think that's great, but if I'd want to buy something for €1, I'd go somewhere else.
Second of all, drag yourself out of bed the earliest you can. I was there at 8:30 which was a little insane, but just make sure you're at the door at 9:00, so you can enter right away. Then, take a left to the women's department and just grab everthing you can. I arranged some sort if fitting area together with my girlfriends, but if you don't want to get naked in front of a crowd, I suggest you wear something really tight so you can try everything on over your normal clothes (like a tube dress, or a catsuit, or maybe a bikini ;)).
I'm pretty happy with the turnout. All the items are things I tryed on before in the store but were just a little above my budget then. This morning I got the sleeveless button up for €17, the cable knit for €40 and the high waisted jeans for €22. Like I said, it's not €1, but it beats normal American Apparel prices.

A few last tips:

Make a plan, browse the website or a retailer, remember the things you liked and then look for them in the warehouse sale. There's no time for wondering around because all the good stuff is gone after 30 minutes.

Look for red dots, they mark the places on every garments that have holes, tears or stains.

Buy christmas presents for your boyfriend (or for me)!

Either get the hell out there as fast as you can, or make someone stand in line at check-outs for you about 40 minutes before you want to leave.

Well, that's it, I wish the ones that are planning a visit this weekend in Amsterdam happy shopping.
The warehouse sale takes place 4th - 7th of november, 9am - 9pm, zuiveringshal, westergasfabriek!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

goodbye, summer

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It's last day of august and I always get kind of sad and happy at the same time, because that means that summer is coming to an end, but on the other hand my favorite season is around the corner. Although weatherwise this has been by far the crappiest summer I have ever experienced, we have had some nice days, and I most definately had a lot of fun.
You might not know this, but I have had a personal blog since I was fourteen, on which I just wrote little stories about my life and posted pictures. Ever since, I have made it a tradition to recap on our longlost summer on the last day of august and that is exactly what I'm doing today. So I guess here is my ode to summer, in a couple of personal pictures, of which most were taken with my iPhone. Let's hope for a couple more days with bare legs and sunglasses before fall really kicks in!

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Hope you all had a great summer!

1. sunset at next monday's hangover festival
2. next monday's hangover
3. on the beach in portugal
4. Lisbon
5. shoeless festival
6. Roskilde
7. having fun at Graefentahl am see festival
8. Graefentahl am see
9. Barbecue with friends
10. Graefentahl am see
11. in Copenhagen
12. at GZG zomerpark festival
13. at subway on strand west
14. at noorderlicht
15. easter brunch
16. Ellis' birthday in the park
17. another barbecue in the park
18. Brenda in our very messy tent at Roskilde

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lisboa Leftovers
















Here's the last bit of shots I took in Lisbon. I had an amazing trip and already miss the good weather, good food and good wine. I still have one last purchase to show you, it will be on the blog soon!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

mellow yellow



It might be kind of weird that when I was in Lisbon and we had lovely weather for once, I was in the mood for sweater shopping, but I just couldn't resist this beautiful yellow one from Zara. Maybe it was the air conditioning in the store? Who knows. All I can say is that all of the sudden I can't wait for fall to kick in so I can wear this cosy sweater!

Sweater: Zara

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the F in AIFW is for Fun



I can't remember what we were laughing about, but it must have been very funny!

O, and you might already know this, but the other girl in the picture is Brenda, looking faboulous as always.

Images were taken by de fotomeisjes

Monday, July 18, 2011

Trend scouting at Roskilde

















I already showed you the film H&M made of me and Brenda during trend scouting at the Roskilde festival in Denmark here. And I promised to show you some of the pictures we took.

Let me start by saying that everyone in Denmark almost always looks very fashionable. Especially Copenhagen is one of the most stylish cities in Europe in my opinion. Even though by the second day nobody really cared anymore about the way they looked, and everyone, including myself, started looking like crap from all the rain, dirt, partying, not sleeping and not showering, a lot of these people still managed to look pretty good.

Above are some of the pictures I liked most, with some random festival shots in between. Although it might look really depressing because of all the dark clouds, I had the best time. Loads and loads of thanks to the people at H&M!