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Friday, November 4, 2011

american apparel warehouse sale tutorial



Here's the deal; in my opinion, American Apparel has some pretty awesome stuff, for, unfortunately a lot less awesome prices. So when I heard the American Apparel warehouse sale was coming to Amsterdam, with supposedly amazing discounts, I got kind of excited.
I went there this morning and I know you guys are probably hearing a lot of different stories right now about how much it sucked, so I thought my experience might be useful for those of you that still want to visit an american apparel rummage sale somewhere sometime.
First of all, don't expect anything too rediculous. Nothing is €1 and nothing is 90% off, I got a 50 to 60% discount on all the stuff I bought and I think that's great, but if I'd want to buy something for €1, I'd go somewhere else.
Second of all, drag yourself out of bed the earliest you can. I was there at 8:30 which was a little insane, but just make sure you're at the door at 9:00, so you can enter right away. Then, take a left to the women's department and just grab everthing you can. I arranged some sort if fitting area together with my girlfriends, but if you don't want to get naked in front of a crowd, I suggest you wear something really tight so you can try everything on over your normal clothes (like a tube dress, or a catsuit, or maybe a bikini ;)).
I'm pretty happy with the turnout. All the items are things I tryed on before in the store but were just a little above my budget then. This morning I got the sleeveless button up for €17, the cable knit for €40 and the high waisted jeans for €22. Like I said, it's not €1, but it beats normal American Apparel prices.

A few last tips:

Make a plan, browse the website or a retailer, remember the things you liked and then look for them in the warehouse sale. There's no time for wondering around because all the good stuff is gone after 30 minutes.

Look for red dots, they mark the places on every garments that have holes, tears or stains.

Buy christmas presents for your boyfriend (or for me)!

Either get the hell out there as fast as you can, or make someone stand in line at check-outs for you about 40 minutes before you want to leave.

Well, that's it, I wish the ones that are planning a visit this weekend in Amsterdam happy shopping.
The warehouse sale takes place 4th - 7th of november, 9am - 9pm, zuiveringshal, westergasfabriek!